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Do you realize that the toxins we take in everyday can be stored in your fat cells and this is why many people have trouble losing weight?

As you probably know, obesity has become a major problem!  Why?

     What is the link between weight gain, weight loss plateaus, ingested and environmental toxins like insecticides and PCB's?

     What can you do about the toxins that affect your metabolism?

      Detoxification is not traditionally used in the context of weight loss, despite the fact that many do lose weight on detox diets. What is even more unusual is new evidence regarding the role of the level of toxins in the body as a possible contributing factor in excess weight.

      A number of studies have found detrimental links between the rate at which pesticides are released from the body during weight loss, and a person's metabolic rate afterwards. Additionally, pesticides and industrial pollution have been found to lower metabolic rate by their affect on thyroid hormones and the rate at which the liver excretes them. And this is the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

What does all this mean?

      To understand why this occurs, it is helpful to learn a little bit about toxins in the body. Detox experts include metabolic by-products and a number of other things such as medications, alcohol, tobacco, and the like in the list of culprits that contribute to the effects of toxicity in the body. These toxins can potentially cause problems for an individual.

      Other problems are environmental toxins which include
organo- chlorides, which come from pesticides, and PCB's, which are leaked into the environment from industrial pollution. Pesticides make it into our body via the food we eat, and are also found in many of the chemicals we clean with and use in the garden. These toxins are stored in our body in fat cells. So, people who have a higher body mass index, store a greater amount of toxins.

      When we lose weight, the fat cells are metabolized, or broken down. This releases into the body any toxins stored there. Thus, if you lose a lot of weight, you release into your body's circulatory system a greater amount of stored toxins, such as PCB's and pesticides.

How Do Toxins Affect Metabolism?

      A number of studies cited in an article in Nature and Health (Feb/Mar 2007) describe the may ways in which metabolism is negatively affected:

#1. Damage to the mitochondria. Mitochondria are energy producing 'powerhouses' in all cells. In the liver, and muscle tissue they convert fat into energy.

#2. Reduction of thyroid hormone levels
. Thyroid hormones contribute to the basal metabolic rate, and are particularly involved in fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

#3. Toxins cause an increase in the excretion of thyroid hormones by the liver.

#4. Toxins interfere with the receptor sites. 
These toxins have an affinity with the receptor sites where thyroid hormones need to attach in order to produce their regular metabolic effects.

#5. Toxins use the proteins that hormones need.. These toxins also use the transport proteins that thyroid hormones need to use in order to get to these sites.

#6. Toxins effect the signal that tell you when you full.. Toxins block the effects of the hormone, leptin, which signals you that you are no longer hungry. Thus, you may think you're hungry even when you're not and overeat as a result.

#7. Chemical Toxins weaken a special coenzyme.  Weakened by twenty percent, chemical toxins effect a special coenzyme that the body needs to burn fat!


The following Info is from the book: The Fiber35 Diet by Brenda Watson

Toxins Decrease Your Ability To Burn Fat

The last thing you want to hear is that something floating around in your blood is preventing your body from burning fat.  But that's what these toxins can do.  And studies going back more than thirty years indicate that such toxins can hinder the efficiency of your fat-burning systems. 

In a study in 1971, for example, the University of Nevada's Division of Biochemistry determined that chemical toxins weakened by 20 percent a special coenzyme that the body needs to burn fat! In a more recent study, done in 2002, researchers concluded that toxins released during weight loss had the capacity to damage the fat-burning mitochondria.  The damage was significant enough to lower the body's ability to burn calories and, in effect, fat.  

Unfortunately, simply burning off fat is not enough to stop the effects of the toxins in your body. They can affect your metabolic rate even after you've lost weight, if you don't also excrete the toxins. And because of the inhibitory effect they have on metabolism when overweight, they can contribute to a weight loss plateau.


How Can You Detoxify Your Body?

There are a number of things you can do to detoxify your body. 

This includes:

#1. Exercise which is so very important for the body to function and cleanse.

#2. Eat organic fruits and vegetables to avoid the chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides generally found in produce.

#3. Choose organic meats to avoid the hormones and antibiotics found in non-organic meats.

#4. Choose unprocessed foods so as to avoid preservatives, dyes, nitrates, and nitrites.

#5. Choose natural skin and hair products that don't contain chemicals and dyes.  The skin is a source of absorption as well as elimination.

#6. Take only nutritionals that don't use chemicals, additives or preservatives.

#7. Take steam baths or saunas.  Saunas are actually a very effective way to eliminate toxins. A daily sauna session of 15 minutes, at 60 degrees celcius in a far-infrared sauna, can reduce both body weight and body fat, as well as excreting toxins through the skin.  

To Minimize Toxins In Your Environment:

#1. Use natural cleaners in your home

#2. Install water filters to eliminate the chlorine and other chemicals found in your water.

#3. Install air filters

#4. Change the air conditioning filters in your house often.  Get the ducts cleaned yearly. 

#5. Use plants such as spider, aloe, and philodendrons to help filter your household air.


I know you are aware of how excess weight can effect your health.

     Hope this information helps you to understand how critical it is to take care of the toxins in your body.  After all, we only have one body and without good health, we can't be happy to enjoy life!

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